Money Digital Age


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Money in the Digital Era inaugurates a book series on digital currencies, methods of payments, etc. Authors will relate their professional experiences and research from different disciplines, such as mathematics, computer science, sociology, history, for example.

In this publication, the author narrates how the Internet has reshaped how we use money and pay for items and services through real examples and best practices worldwide.  


About the author:

 Dr. Mireia Xarrié has been interested in the Internet since 1997. 

Available on June 7

Digital book ePub (fixed layout)  17,99 €  
81pp. With color pictures
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Paper book
Paperback (sewed) 17,99 €  
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96pp. With pictures black and white
Inner pages: Matt coated paper 135 g/m2
Book cover: Cover with flaps paper 240 g/m2
13,5 x 20 cm / 5,31 x 7,87 inches