Mobility Digital Age II


Available on April 17

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Mobility in the Digital Age: Batteries & Vehicles is the second book of a collection about mobility. Experts from other disciplines will write and focus on the technology and science behind this topic to facilitate comprehension to a broad audience.

Here, the author describes with worldwide examples how the Internet and technology have transformed vehicles and batteries.


About the author: 

Dr. Mireia Xarrié has been reading about the Internet since 1997. Contact her via the web.

Digital book ePub  17,99 €  
Available on April 17
96pp. With color pictures
Paperback (sewed) 17,99 €  
Available in June 2023 and shipped through DHL and UPS. 
96pp. With pictures black and white   
Inner pages: Matt coated paper 135 g/m2
Book cover: Cover with flaps paper 240 g/m2
13,5 x 20 cm / 5,31 x 7,87 inches
ISBN: 9788412167474
ISBN: 9788412167498 (Spanish)