Agriculture dictionary


Available October 2021

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This book is a compendium of terms and definitions pertaining to agriculture with the aim to facilitate the comprehension of this topic to worldwide readers. 

The author has chosen terms about agriculture which she considers useful to understand the literature about this topic. 

The book describes concepts and organizations related to this topic.


About the author: 

Dr Mireia Xarrié PhD’s thesis was about Terminology and co-directed by a Translation Faculty in Barcelona. Contact her via the contact form


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Available in October 2021  
96pp. With color pictures
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96pp. With pictures black and white   
Inner pages: Matt coated paper 135 g/m2
Book cover: Cover with flaps paper 240 g/m2
13,5 x 20 cm / 5,31 x 7,87 inches

ISBN: 9788412167467