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Agriculture in the Digital Era is the first book of a collection about this topic written by worldwide professionals and researchers from different disciplines, like computer science, sociology, biology, and more.

This book describes how technology is applied to agriculture through real examples across continents. It seeks to answer how agriculture is in the 21st century, how farms are, and how farmers use technology.  Take part: Would you like to tell, write or add your case?


About the author:

The collection Digital Age is written by Dr. Mireia Xarrié for all-ages audiences. In each book, Agriculture, Health, Mobility, Education, Food, Money, the author narrates how digital technologies have transformed each topic, from the past decades to the present, and with real worldwide examples. Dr. Mireia Xarrié has been interested in the Internet since 1997. She has written these books from the Humanities (Bachelor), and the Information and Communication Technologies (Master degree about the Digital Age) point of view. Get in touch with her via the contact form.

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13,5 x 20 cm / 5,31 x 7,87 inches
96pp. With color pictures
ISBN: 9788412167429
Available in October 2021


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