Agriculture in the Digital Age II


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Agriculture in the Digital Age: Farmers is the second book of a collection about this topic written by professionals and researchers from all continents and disciplines, for example, anthropology, chemistry, engineering, etc.

The author has chosen worldwide examples of how farmers adopt digital technologies through drones, mobile phones and how satellites and robots improve their lives and productivity.


Contents: Digital skills, robots, drones, satellites, smartphones, women


One reason to read this book:

“Another outstanding case is the satellite Copernicus which is the European Union’s Earth observation program. Based on satellite and in situ observations, the Copernicus services deliver near-real-time data on a global level. All this information can be used for a wide range of applications, such as agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.”


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About the author:  

Dr. Mireia Xarrié has been reading about the Internet since 1997. She also works as an external consultant for international organizations. Contact her via the web.


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ISBN: 9788412167467
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