Our publications are about how the Internet, science, and technology are reshaping our planet. And they are written with critical thinking by professionals and organizations of all disciplines, and continents.

A collection about digital literacy, read+
A collection about hubs, read +
A collection about media literacy, read +

The digital age collection, read+

Available on September 17, read+
Available on October 17, read+
Available on June 17, read+
Available on December 17, read+
Movilidad en la Era Digital: Transporte urbano ISBN: 9788412167412
Available as ePub, read+
Agriculture in the Digital Age: Farmers ISBN: 9788412167467
Available as ePub, read+
Available on August 17, read+
Mobility in the Digital Age: Batteries & Vehicles ISBN: 9788412167474
Available on January 2023, read+
Agriculture in the Digital Age: Farms ISBN: 9788412167443
Available, read+
Available on October 2023, read+
Available on August 7, read+

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