Book orders

Payments are redirected to PayPal and Stripe where it is possible to pay with Visa and MasterCard. 

Books are delivered by DHL and UPS. They are not refundable (digital) or returnable (paper). Please, read our terms and conditions.

Your data and privacy matter to us, we follow the EU law. And we fiercely protect our books’ intellectual and copyright laws. Please, read our privacy policy.

You can also place a book order through the  contact form

Paper books

Due to Covid-19 will send books again in October 2021 through DHL and  UPS. 

Digital books

Our digital books are available in ePub . They have unique IDs, are tracked, and copyright laws protect them. 

EPUB is the most widely supported e-book format (Google Play, Apple Books, etc.).  It is supported by almost all hardware readers, except for Kindle (Amazon).