Book orders

Our books are non-refundable (digital) neither returnable (paper) unless you receive them damaged. Please, read our terms and conditions.

You can buy digital and paper books here online. 

We can send you a proforma,  in US Dollars, payment via bank transference, with your shipping choice, and through the paper book order form.

Paper books are shipped certified, we send you by email the shipping number to locate them. And our digital publications have unique IDs and therefore are tracked.

Payments are redirected to PayPal, where it is possible to pay with Visa and MasterCard.

Your data and privacy matter to us, we follow the EU law. And we fiercely protect our books’ intellectual property and copyright laws. Please, read our privacy policy.

Moreover, our website is hosted in the United States of America (we don’t use cookies),  our emails in Switzerland (we don’t send newsletters). And we communicate book releases on Twitter.

Book orders- Digital book

You can buy a digital book in an ePub format here and on Amazon the Kindle format.

Digital books have unique IDs, are tracked, and copyright laws protect them.

This website only allows one copy per order. Please, report a problem if you need help. 

What is an ePub?

EPUB is the most widely supported e-book format (Google Play, Apple Books, etc.). It is supported by almost all hardware readers, except for Kindle (Amazon). The kindle format of our books is also available now on Amazon.

 How to buy it?

  • you add a downloadable product to your  cart
  • check out and pay

After the payment, you see:

  • a download links in your email notification
  • OR a download links on your ‘My Account’ page if logged in

Book orders – Paper books

We are sending paper books by the public Post Office services worldwide with no delays.

From 1 to 12 books:

Asia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: 50 Euros

United States (USA) and Mexico: 40 Euros

Europe: 30 Euros

If you are in Africa or South America. Please write to us (French, Spanish, Portuguese are welcomed) through the paper book order form to choose the best shipping option.

We follow up on all the book orders, and you can report a problem.