Agriculture in the Digital Age: Farms ISBN: 9788412167443

Agriculture in the Digital Age: Farms is the first book of a collection about this topic written by worldwide professionals and researchers from different disciplines, for example, computer science, sociology, biology, and more.

The author has described through real examples how agriculture is reshaped by digital technologies.

She has divided this broad topic into two books: Farms and farmers.

 One reason to read this book:

“The Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg team) refers to a project where researchers have also developed small personal food computers, boxes that can be used to grow plants under controlled conditions and send data back to the MIT team. “

​​CONTENTS: Farms, land, animals

About the author: 

Dr . Mireia Xarrié has been reading about the Internet since 1997, and her books are in worldwide libraries.

Digital book ePub (fixed layout)  19,99 Euros   
70pp. With color pictures
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Paper book
Paperback (sewed) 29,99 Euros 
Available HERE in June 2024 and shipped through DHL and UPS
96pp. With pictures black and white   
Inner pages: Matt coated paper 135 g/m2
Book cover: Cover with flaps paper 240 g/m2
13,5 x 20 cm / 5,31 x 7,87 inches
ISBN: 9788412167443
ISBN: 9788412167429 (Spanish edition)  
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